“Spielsachen” – Playing the Semi-Modular Playground

A few days off and a few new pieces of modular gear paid off: there’s a few videos. Which aren’t that interesting to be honest.

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Review: Korg Minilogue

In Korg’s quest to become the one-stop-shop for all synth needs, the “Logue” series encompasses the analogue(-hybrid) keyboard synths. The Minilogue is a true four-voice analogue polysynth. Is this really a proper polysynth at a great price, or just another toy synth with four voices?

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SAUBER! – Das Geheimnis der Geschwindigkeit (Remaster) – Release Notification

My 2001 album SAUBER! – Das Geheimnis der Geschwindigkeit has been released online. With my albums from the early 2000s, quality of the available sources from an audio-engineering perspective became an issue the farther I traveled back in time. For that reason, I enlisted the help of mastering engineer (and all-around strange music goofball) Martin […]

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