Moving Blog…

The story goes like this:

Many years ago, when everybody but me had a blog, I didn’t have one – so I decided to get one. My website at that time didn’t allow for such fancy stuff, so the next best choice was myspace (because I already had an account there).

So from April 2006 to this day (February 2010), I had a blog on myspace. I didn’t write a lot there, and I didn’t like it.

Early in 2009, somebody talked me into getting a new website. You know, all the fancy stuff: CMS, RSS, Web2.0, you name it. This site has been online for some time, but it still doesn’t have a blog. So I decided to move the blog…here – at least for the time beging.

In the following days/weeks, old blog entries from my myspace blog will be moved here, and new entries will be posted. And hopefully, after some not-so-long time, everything will move to my website.


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