What should I do next?

The worst thing that can happen to an artist (or to any kind of creative person) is to run out of ideas. And to modify that famous Oscar Wilde quote, there’s only one thing worse than running out of ideas, and that is not running out of ideas.

So much to do, so little time – that’s why I’m asking you what to do next. That’s right, YOU! The only thing you need to do is to answer the poll below – and perhaps scroll down before you do for additional info on the items at your disposal.

Thanks for your input!


1. “The Chord Progression that Twitter made”

One of the countless projects by acoustic looping guitarist Matt Stevens – a few weeks ago he just mentioned the standard guitarist’s chord on twitter and asked “what next”? And this is what became of it so far.

Needless to say, I wanna participate. Deadline is April 5th. So, what do you say, should I do it?

2. “An Ambient Manifold” Album

Back in January, my bi-weekly virtual concert series “The MoinSound Studio Sessions” did a special: for one whole week, I would perform daily, using a big setup of hardware synths and effects, fused with a computer setup. The working title: “An Ambient Manifold”.

The total output amounted to about half a day of music, and I freely admit that I like some of it. And so I believe this would merit an album release apart from yet another MSSS compilation. It’s basically turning this recorded week-long R&D into an album (which could easily be ready by mid-Q3 in 2010). Would you like that?

3. “The Piano Album”

Quite similar to item 2 above: ever since my MSSS session on second Christmas holiday last year, I have done a lot of piano solo stuff in this concert series. Some sessions even contained piano performances exclusively. So there’s potential for a dedicated album too.

There’s still more recording to be done, and who knows, perhaps even some composed tunes, but – do you like the idea in general?

4. Remaster “Neinnein auf dem kleinen Weg” Album

I knew this for some time, but Dynamic Range Day recently reminded me of it: while the album is quite nice, the mastering job for my 2004 release “Neinnein auf dem kleinen Weg” (recorded live in Desenzano/Italia) sucks major league!

So before I can even think about making that available to a wider audience (see item 5 below), I need to properly remaster it. Is it worth the time just now?

5. Release all my CDs on Bandcamp

A quick one. Last time I checked, there was a total of eleven CDs in my discography, of which only four are available on bandcamp on a pay-what-you-want-download basis. You’d like more (copyright issues permitting)?

6. The “Eclectic Blah” Album

A musical concept following two basic rules: Rule one – play danceable music. Rule two – everything else is left up to imagination and improvisation. Under the name Eclectic Blah, this concept existed from Q4/01 until its last gig in May 2003 (followed by an interactive live remix session in March 2004).

That thing has been vanished from the surface of the web (so much that the pages documenting it still haven’t found their way into the relaunched website), and there weren’t any songs as such (remember that rule two?), but even so, there’s a lot of recorded material, and some concerts were even recorded in multitrack format.

The idea of a final statement in the form of an album has been around for (too) long – but if it should happen, it should happen at least before the 10th anniversary. Do you want it to happen sooner?

7. 2009 kybermusik Session Remix

After a long hiatus from the kybermusik project (see item 8 below for a description of what this is about), there has been one session in 2009. The other participant, Jeff Duke, has already published an edit. However, I do hear the recording differently, and had intended to do a remix since…well, since then. Actually, I had already started but somehow lost interest (MSSS and VSV and all). You want me to give it another try?

8. kybermusik

That project started back in 2005 when, together with Krispen Hartung, I did first experiments with realtime internet collaborations. The project acquired the title kybermusik and has since then resulted in a total of four great live festival events, an album release and even other acts built on that principle.

There are still some unused recordings present, but the idea would be to do more sessions (with both old and new cats) and to release an album. Sounds interesting?


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