“What should I do next?” – The results

First of all, thanks to all who took the time to participate in my “What should I do next?” poll from March 24th. For those of you who haven’t participated, here’s a quick summary: Of a handful of musical project which kept lingering in the back of my head (more specifically, eight of them), I asked you readers which I should focus on. This included remix jobs, album releases as well as “other stuff”.

Although only a few more than a dozen of people did participate, I decided to post the results – and in part, also make my decisions based on them.

So here we go:

1. The Big Winner: “The Chord Progression that Twitter made”

It’s great that you voted that this should be my #1 priority – simply because by now, I have not only tackled but actually completed this task. Read about it here, or simply enjoy the tune!

2. Runner-Ups: “The Piano Album” and “Remix of last year’s kybermusik session”

Again, both of those were relatively high on my own shortlist: I really enjoyed doing a lot of piano work as part of recent MoinSound Studio Sessions, and intended to do more anyway – and it’s only logical to make an album of it. We’ll have to see whether this album will also include through-composed pieces or only my usual improvised goofing ’round, but look forward to it, also in the MSSS!

As for the kybermusik track, listening back to Jeff Duke’s mix when compiling the poll in the first place reminded me that this is a great track after all, and I should work on it. So: consider it done!

4. Just missed the podium: Eclectic Blah Album, “An Ambient Manifold”, put all albums on bandcamp

All of this includes either editing or administrative stuff. The simplest is the “put all albums on bandcamp” one, and also the most boring one, so this will happen if and when I have nothing better to do.

“An Ambient Manifold” – the album based on my week of live sessions in January – has also held rather high a position in my personal list, simply because in those countless hours of music, there’s a lot of nice stuff stacked away. As a starting point as what to expect, here’s a first edit which I did already post, entitled “Sporadic Groups”.

Now with the Eclectic Blah album, it’s about the same, only on a more radical scale: with the last proper concert of this project done about six years ago, and countless hours of (twotrack) session and (multitrack) live recordings on the harddisk, this is just something so far away, yet due to its quantity so present, that I’m both a little helpless and exalted at the same time.

So what happens next?

As I said, item 1 has already been completed, which puts both “The Piano Album” and the “kybermusik remix” tied in the next spot.

As for the piano album, this will require at least a few more recording sessions, and perhaps even some work on composed material, so do not expect results before Q3 of this year. As for the kybermusik track however, this is a rather straightforward affair, so I could see myself doing that before the end of May.

I can’t make up my mind right now as for the priorities regarding Eclectic Blah vs. An Ambient Manifold, but this way or another, I could see myself releasing (at least) one of them still in this year.

Again, thanks for you voters for participating, and stay tuned for anything that may happen!




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