“Ustream Festival” this weekend

People who have somehow been keeping track of what I’m doing will no doubt remember last year’s Virtual Sound and Vision Festival. Back then, the mission statement went some like this:

“Virtual Sound and Vision (“VSV” for short) is the first international video streaming music festival, presenting music with visual content to a virtual audience via the world wide web. Using contemporary services for free video streaming, the art is transmitted from the individual artists’ performance spaces via the festival site (a truly virtual entity) to the audience, watching and listening from virtually everywhere.”

For this year, Matt Stevens had volunteered to organize something in this realm – and it’s happening now!

A quick look at the running order:

18th Sept

 3pm - Nick Tann
 4pm - Steve Moyes
 5pm - Rainer Straschill
 6pm - Tracy Shaun
 7pm - Chrissie Caulfield
 8pm - Samm Neiland
 9pm - Alun Vaughan
 10pm - James Sera
 11pm - Thanks and running total of money raised

 19th Sept

 3pm - Tom Slatter
 4pm - Usit
 5pm - Ernesto Schnack
 6pm - Darren Nelsen
 7pm - Matt Stevens
 8pm - Pierre Masse
 9pm - James Corachea
 10pm - Stephen Goodman
 11pm - Diana Zook
 12pm - Thanks and end :)

As part of the event, donations will be collected for the Multiple Sclerosis Society – thanks already for supporting this cause!

Please make sure to also blog/tweet/facebook/whathaveyou this event.

See you later!


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