“Transitiv Sehen” – Status Report on the Piano Album

Following the results of the poll I did back in March this year, “the piano album” (working title) was one of the biggest things you all wanted.

As it turned out, MSSS 2010 produced so much and such diverse material that I decided to do a kind of double album (to be released as two separate albums) – one focusing on the usual MSSS madness with loops, processing and other odd stuff, the other one – and that’s the interesting one – containing piano tracks. Without any processing. Or loops.

Turned out that this “pure” album will be the first, so I’m proud to announce:

The first of the two piano albums – Transitiv Sehen – will be released on or before December 31st of 2010!

The album will be available on bandcamp – and following what I did with Es ist ein Ros’ entsprungen, there will be some exclusive stuff for those who download the entire album – like, a bonus track, or additional fine art or something.

And to make you really anxious and impatient, here’s a teaser (via soundcloud) – the closing track Dema Phote Kersei.

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