MoinSound Studio Sessions – Plans for 2011

Hi everyone, and thanks for still being here!

With the last session having taken place on December 18th (which led to the exclusive Es ist ein Ros’ entsprungen limited-time release) and the next scheduled event on January 1st not having taken place for mostly obvious reasons, it’s now been four weeks since The MoinSound Studio Sessions (or MSSS for short) took place for the last time. Four weeks! Never heard of before since…well since April 20th, 2009.

(note: if you, dear reader, don’t know what I’m talking about, you should check out the article on The MoinSound Studio Sessions on my website!)

So what will it be in its third year? Often, this is the point in time where it’s wise to take stock and see where you’re heading, so:

During 2009 and 2010, MSSS, was mostly a R&D platform for my stuff. There were some special events: the virtual festivals (VSV and Café Noodle Festival), the Nerdville performances (streaming abstract noise from a moving car), the guest appearance at t-u-b-e, the week-long An Ambient Manifold. But apart from that: every other Saturday, something I felt like playing – which during the course of time was a lot of things.

So, in some really unordered fashion, some things I might do the following year:

  • The series will continue – I already stated that in my That was 2010 review.
  • In comparison to 2010’s focus on acoustic piano, there will again be a greater diversity with regard to instruments used.
  • For several years, I had this idea for a new concept for computer-based live music making. I need to implement that; and you’ll be the first people to hear it!
  • Playing together with other people (in the same place, or via internet link) is also on my list.
  • There will be much more abstract electronic stuff. Komische Elektronik!
  • This will include the world premiere of my composition “Leinhos, Peter is out of the office”

Apart from that: it will still be still somewhat “from the moment”. So I encourage you to tune in every other Saturday (every even calendar week) at 1600 UTC to the event on ustream – and see what happens. Best you also follow me on twitter for the announcements!

With that, I’m already looking forward to the first MSSS this year (due in less than 3 hours), and leave you with the players for the two official MSSS releases so far – enjoy. They’re pay-what-you-want downloads; definitely worth a download if you ask me!



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