The #secretalbum – and how to get exclusive insider info!

Some of you who are following me on twitter may have noticed already: in recent days, there were some mentions of a “secret album” via the #secretalbum hashtag.

However, there wasn’t that much info on the project: some things have been recorded (soprano sax and melodica, obviously), and some tracks were composed and tracked. But what is this #secretalbum all about? What is it called? What does it contain? And when will it be available.

This is your chance to obtain exclusive info on this album, as well as exclusive deals regarding it. Read on for simple instructions how to do this!

You know that all of my recent albums are available on bandcamp for pay-what-you-want (including free) download, right? So all you need to do to register for exclusive info on the #secretalbum is to download at least one of my albums before or up to May 1st 2011.

On or right after May 1st, info to all the registered fans (ok, if you read this far, I can call you a fan, can’t I?) will be sent out, including:

  • info on the concept of the secret album
  • advanced listens to some of the tracks!

Plus, once the album has been released, you will receive a coupon worth one download of the album free of charge!

(in case you wonder – no, the secret album won’t be available free of charge to normal people).

Note that if you have already downloaded one of my albums in the past, you will get the secret info – but not the free download coupon. So the best idea is you head right over to bandcamp and grab another one of my albums! And spread the word!

Update May 2nd:

The application period has ended – for those who have taken part, please allow a few days before I send out the detailed infos via email. Until then: thanks for participating to all of you!

Direct Access to my Albums on Bandcamp

Akustik Kies: Transitiv Sehen (2010)

The first part of my double album of acoustic piano solo material. Get this if you’re into more “normal” music.

The MoinSound Studio Sessions (2009)

A documentation of the stylistic and sonic bandwidth of the first year of my series of bi-weekly virtual concerts.

wie groß ist die luft? (2008)

A documentation of the trombone leg of my 2008 World Tour. Features Stefan Tiedje (noch komischere Elektronik), Motoko Honda (piano) and Krispen Hartung (acoustic guitar). In my opinion, my best album (so far).

Weird Specialist (2007)

An eclectic collection of solo recordings from 2003 to 2007. Includes two live recordings from my 2006 headlining appearance at the Y2K6 International Live Looping Festival.

kybermusik: Quelques Papiers D’Abord (2007)

Documenting duo and trio tracks of my kybermusik series of real-time internet collaborations begun in 2005. Features Krispen Hartung, Rick Walker, Charlie Milkey, Daryl Shawn, Andrew Ostler and Brian Good.

Legal Crap

The deadline mentioned above of May 1st 2011 is May 1st, 2011, 23:59 UTC. I reserve the right to consider downloads that happen right after the deadline to be eligible for this offer.

The price for the downloads mentioned above is set to “pay what you want (including free)” at least until this offer expires. Prices may change afterwards.

You are required to provide your email address when downloading one of my albums on bandcamp.

Of course, you can opt out of this offer any time you wish.


3 thoughts on “The #secretalbum – and how to get exclusive insider info!

  1. Oh damnit, with my cool viral marketing concept, I hadn’t taken into account that there may be people who already have all of my stuff ;).

    Of course you’ll get a coupon then – but judging from the info I have, you don’t have the kybermusik album yet – you sure you got it (or did you download it from another place, i.e. not from bandcamp)?

    Anyway, this is also true for other hardcore fans: if you already got everything, then simply post a comment here, so I’ll know about it.

    You made my day, Silvain…

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