A really quick status report…

This is roughly my third attempt at such a quick status report. Because every time I start, I end up talking about lots of projects ideas, their status in details, miniscule target specifications and so on. So this time, I’m gonna do it right – a really quick status report, and my first one since the beginning of the year.

General Ideas

So here’s what I’ve been up to, doing, thinking about etcetera, In no specific order:

The second part of Akustik Kies, the #secretalbum, my new approach to semantic composition (and an electronic toolset for that), an innovative concept for sound (re-)synthesis, playing soprano sax again, working on shorter tunes, macro photograpy, doing more composed material, continuing kybermusik, collaborating with virtual friends, looking for a new job, improve marketing, optimizing my web appearance, old recorded material (e.g. Eclectic Blah, An Ambient Manifold), shouting at the top of my lungs, continuing the MoinSound Studio Sessions, inventing funny song titles, driving at ridiculous speed with really fast cars on really challenging tracks, signal theory, getting shitfaced.

Akustik Kies: Reflexiv Hören

Now some of you may remember my last album – Akustik Kies: Transitiv Sehen. And if you don’t here’s a player widget thingie:

Now this has been planned as a double album in two parts, and the second part was scheduled for Q1/2011. Now writing this in mid-May, it’s probable that this milestone will not be kept. Rather than giving you a new release date, I decided to rather tell you that it will be ready when it is. You’ll read about it. Here. On twitter. On my website.

The #secretalbum

Ok, there was this fan-exclusive secret info thing about this project – and the application period is over! So if you’re in it – feel privileged, because apart from these random short statements, except for you, nobody will get to know anything for a long time.

As with Reflexiv Hören above, I’ll tell you when it’s ready – which it will be when it is. Look forward to it.

Btw, the (this here) blog…

There has been an increase in traffic, albeit only by my very low standards. Partly due to my very popular tech articles, e.g. about synthesizers or studio/DAW technology. I really appreciate that! If you like what you find here, spread the word. And be sure to check out some of the drink recipes!

Anything else?

Well, nothing I’d like to share in this short format. So I leave you with some photographs – part of them macro.
still macro impression from yesterday's "Not So Min... on Twitpic
Spring Impressions (or "ventures into macro photography) on Twitpic
Now this is the correct pic of Metzgesfeld. Note the camber on Twitpic
The 1st page of my autograph: "102 Gespensterchen" ... on Twitpic


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