“Reflexiv Hören” – report on progress on the album project

Reflexiv Hören – the second part of the Akustik Kies double album with improvised piano solo material, taken from the MoinSound Studio Sessions of 2009 and 2010, was already announced as the next official Rainer Straschill/Moinlabs release right when Transitiv Sehen, the double album’s first part, was released.

Following some very strange logic based on some underlying artistic strategy on behalf of my last albums, Reflexiv Hören must be released before any other album can be released. This means that neither the #secretalbum nor another thing called Epäeuklidinen Geometria (noise ambient stuff from another MoinSound Studio Session) can be released unless I get that piano album out of the way…

While you read on, why don’t you listen to a teaser for the album – the track Panthermeisen in a release candidate version?

Reflexiv Hören – the concept

Following the concept of the Akustik Kies double album, Reflexiv Hören will contain piano solo material taken from the MoinSound Studio Sessions exclusively. As Transitiv Sehen did contain all the “real solo” stuff (meaning: a grand piano, no effects and no loops), Reflexiv Hören is the exact opposite: only tracks with loads of creative effects and loops.

However, as the material for both album halves was created during the same period, while the sound may be different, the musical language is similar. Indeed, due to the similarity in the compositional (improvisation being, according to Schönberg, very fast composition) approach for some tracks, there are some “symmetry pairs” of tracks, which is reflected by the track names (e.g. Kohlmeisen and its companion Panthermeisen, or Der Schicksalsfurz correlating to Grüner Wind).

Progress report

As of today, I have already extensively waded through the list of possible tracks from the pool of the MoinSound Studio Session – which amounts to 42 tracks. In some long listening and editing iterations, the list has been trimmed down to 10 tracks, all of which are in some kind of release candidate status, and a tentative running order has been defined.

The decisions for the next time will be: which of those tracks require further detailed editing? which may still be dropped from the track list? With a current running time of 75 minutes for the entire album, either some omissions or added editing for shortening specific tracks may be in order – I’m not exactly sure if considerably more than 60 minutes is a good playing time for that album.

In addition, a desiign concept for the cover art has already been defined, and only needs to be implemented (a task I’ll take care of myself by all probability).

Outlook and prediction

I plan about one month for the next steps of getting the track editing completed and deciding on the definitive track list and running order. Calculate in some two months for the whole finalization, mastering, and also cover art, and we’re by early November. My plan to go on vacation late in September or early in October works well with that; I had found that those final phases of the musical process (which is a lot of listening and fine-tuning) works well in a setting away from home and from other distractions.

This works well with my plans to release that album still in 2011, and with the general release plans for other albums. Epäeuklidinen Geometria could then become an “around christmas limited release”, following in the path of ADVENTVS and Es ist ein Ros’ entsprungen, and the #secretalbum will see the light of release day in the first quarter of 2012.

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