“Don’t Do Anything Day” – celebrating change

Today, I declared “Don’t Do Anything Day” for me – and that for a reason.

Yesterday was my last day at work. In an employment situation which had lasted more than ten years, and in a project which, with a duration of more than three years, was my longest continuous project to date.

I’m leaving this job entirely on my own choice, and will start a new job in February 2012 in Würzburg.

I know that there’s both employment situations and people for whom a change of employment and of location happens rather often. This is not the case for me: apart from my more-than-ten-year emplyoment with my still-employer, I have also lived here in München for all of my life. Which means, I have never been away for more than three months on a stretch.

Now this changes. I’m moving. A new condo has already been found (and a really beautiful one at that!), still looking for a new car, and some organisational details need to be taken care of, but apart from that…I really don’t have to do anything for more than one and a half months.

To celebrate that, today was that newly invented holiday for me. I even had to keep myself from doing anything worthwile, like going shopping, or recording music, or something that’s more work than listening to music, playing computer games, or just chillaxing.


I’m really looking forward to that new thing in Würzburg. More details on past and future will follow – until then, I need to decide whether going to a pub for a beer is allowed on this special day.


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