MoinSound Studio 3.0 taking shape (the Würzburg story)

For quite some time now, I had wanted to write something about the new MoinSound Studio location – MoinSound Studio 3.0, as I’d like to call it. But I haven’t gotten through to it.

It’s now almost four weeks since all thirty-six cubic metres of the MoinSound Studio had been moved to Würzburg(, and almost two weeks since I started my new job). The good news is that I have properly and happily arrived here, so it can be accepted that the studio is not even close to being up to speed right now.

Part of it is of course due that when moving to a new place (and doing so alone), there’s a lot of things to be done, and not all of them have to do with the studio. Among them getting (and fitting in) a new fridge (alas, without the MSS-2.0 squeaky door), getting a washing mashine and a dryer, fitting a mirror in the bathroom, a replacement for the morgue-style light in the living room, installing wonderful indirect LED lights in the bedroom under the roof, hanging sho art (which had been stored away for years in my basement) in that very same room, etc. etc.

The studio room comes of course with its own challenges, and the biggest one is of course to find the right listening spot in a room that isn’t exactly a rectangle. Right now, I am planning the detailed installation for the solution I have in mind, and at the time have started to at least begin the power and MIDI wiring, and at the same time rearrange the contents of my rack, so the studio room once again looks like a mess.

At least, I feel comfortable that, should I want to do that, I could easily do a MoinSound Studio Session-kind of live video stream concert when I feel like it – like, this next Saturday?

Until then, I leave you with a few pics.

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