A Topping Ceremony (kinda) for MoinSound Studio 3.0

Yesterday saw something happening at MoinSound Studio 3.0 which best resembled a topping ceremony. Finally, more than four weeks since I moved to Würzburg, the central components of the studio were assembled.

The centre of MoinSound Studio 3.0

The main components here includes mainly the central user interface – which, as you may already know, I consider key in a DAW studio. The key challenge here was preparing the desk: in the last MSS iteration, key components were set up on a normally wide, but very deep table, with the speakers sitting next to it on stands. Now that new studio room has a kinda tricky layout. In greater detail, a gazebo, a staircase, a diagonal wall to the kitchen, a large window front leading to the patio and a stub-shaped section (and two diagonal roof segments) pose some challenges: the old setup didn’t work, at least not with a sensible placement of keyboards and outboard racks.

Not only the Kurzweil, but all of my synths are now integrated!

So step one was a new desk, more specifically a cheap Ikea one. It was more shallow than the old one, but wider. Which led to the impossibility to put speakers on the sides (or they would be too far apart). Behind it? No, because they would be too close to the wall. After considering several options (and keep in mind, those always need to work with a four-tier keyboard stand, a two-tier keyboard stand, a Kurzweil 2600XS master keyboard, a big 19” rack and some smaller staff – and of course, the room layout), the solution was to install some boards suspended above the table to put the speakers.

With the solution I had now done, I can even adjust the height of the speakers (e.g. ear height when seated vs. higher when enjoying music farther away), and nearly all of my user interface components find a place on the table easily. All of them? No, the Akai MPD24 had to be installed in one of the drawers, but that just works fine. Also consider that the other drawer might go – simply to give me space to easily install my Racing Whell to have a go at GTR Evolution.

As for improvements for a new major version number…I usually tend to follow some policy similar to Intel’s tic-toc strategy: for me, the tics being move to a new location (which get a new major version number, but no or only minor tech improvements), and the tocs being tech improvements (which get a minor version number). Still, apart from a guitar stand etc., one improvement has already been decided upon: a subwoofer (I will go with a Dynaudio BM14s – it goes to eighteen, so it covers nearly the full range of even the biggest concert grands!). Will come up in the  next few weeks or months – I want to be able to work on the main part of mixing #secretalbum on it.

Of course, there’s a lot still to be done. Among that, the MIDI cabling for most of the synths (already did that for the FS1R, the Matrix-1000, the K2600XS, the MC-505, the Prophecy and the Sirius), all of the synths’ audio cabling, the audio and MIDI connections between both racks. And I still need to make up my mind where to put the VBass, the Octapad and the Pod X3 (actually, only the last one needs a place, as it is the devices which provides the license for my POD Farm plugins). And the guitars (at least part of them) also might want to move onto the studio floor…

Part of the (bass) guitar collection - I still don't consider myself a guitarist

As a funny sidenote, I might even need to get some cables. The distance to the four-tier stand has increased considerably, and two of the synths are now integrated which weren’t connected before. And the multicore for the microphones is too short – I want it to extend to floor 1 and 3, respectively.

Still lots to do…

Yup, cables...

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