MoinSound Studio 3.1 Integration: More Synths

Another step forward in the integration of MoinSound Studio 3.1 (I’m still sticking with that version number).

As you may remember, the last updates were the integration of the Dynaudio BM14S sub and the acquisition of a Nord Modular G2. The sub had already been integrated, so what for the G2? I decided to think of the bigger picture: first, there’ still the old live setup of MSSS fame – which until now was sitting in the living room. Now I had been thinking about (and discussing on twitter) if it makes sense to have instruments in every room, or, on the contrary, keep one room free of instruments consciously. Now part of my stuff is rather portable, so getting instruments into a room which normally doesn’t have instruments is simple and so, I went to remove the live setup from the living room.

I decided to use the stand which up to now held the MC505 to put the live setup on top (or more specifically, the 2HU 19” rack bag which also holds the laptop). The BCR2000 faderbox goes nicely on top of the Kurzweil, and the FCB1010 pedalboard then sits on the floor.

Keeping the MC505 and also the G2 in mind, I mounted a wooden board to the wall right over the Kurzweil. This board holds the MC505, the G2, and also has space to spare for a DSI Evolver (which is on my backlist for synthesizer stuff).

Apropos backlist for synthesizer stuff: next to the Evolver (which is just a really cool instrument), there’s two instruments on my list: first, I want something with what has been called the “American Sound” – read Ensoniq wavetable synths (their name: Transwave). Of course, with a total of eight keyboard instruments already integrated, I don’t need a keyboard, so a rack thing it is. Browsing through the descriptions, looking at 2nd hand availability and making a “bang for buck” assessment, I put my eyes on the SQ1R – which is pretty cheap, small rackmount, so that will be the target.

Another thing I am looking for is additive synthesis. It seems that there’s only so many synths in that category available: the Kurzweil K150, the Kawai K5 and the Kawai K5000. Now the Kurzweil is a true rarity, plus, I don’t have an Apple II computer for proper editing. As for the Kawais, the K5 is much cheaper (and more rare), but the K5000 has more features. Are those important? The separate envelope per partial really seems an important point for me. Plus, the rack version of the K5 (named K5m) is a really stupid form factor, which the K5000R is not. So by all propability, it will be a K5000R (unless I find a nicely priced K5000S, in which case I’m willing to remove the Yamaha SY85 from the setup. After all, it’s one of those workstations – and I got that case covered already with the K2600XS. And so I would use the Yamaha only for those spontaneous sessions/gigs somewhere).

I’d like to end this with what I wanted to do for a long time: write a list of my (hardware) synths:

Left Side:

  • Sequential Circuits Six-Track, next to Access Virus B
  • Waldorf Q with Nord MicroModular on top
  • Korg Wavestation KEX
  • Yamaha SY85


  • Yamaha FS1R
  • Oberheim Matrix-1000

Right Side:

  • Kurzweil K2600XS
  • Roland MC505
  • Clavia Nord Modular G2
  • Quasimidi Sirius
  • Korg Prophecy

Not integrated:

  • Korg K4 PE-1000
  • Roland MT-32
  • E-mu Proteus 1/XR+
  • E-mu ESi-32

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