Release Notification: #secretalbum “Verschluckbare Kleinteile”

#secretalbum: Verschluckbare Kleinteile

I’m very happy to announce the release of #secretalbum “Verschluckbare Kleinteile” on this day of 12-12-12 (which is twice as scary as 6-6-6).

The #secretalbum

Started in April 2011, the #secretalbum project was about three things:

  • moving away from my improvised stuff (which I’ve been doing exclusively since 2000), and making something with all-composed material (composed by me, that is),
  • getting away from the endless tracks (in the past, the average playing time per track was 6:41) by deliberately setting a maximum time per track of 90 seconds,
  • working with guest artists and remove myself as much as possible from playing,
  • and finally keeping the thing secret up to the release – hence the project title.

The nature of the project has changed a lot since its start – maybe the most important change was that #secretalbum has now changed to a project with multiple releases (let’s say, about six or seven in total) and extending over many years to come. Verschluckbare Kleinteile is the first of those releases.

Further Info

There’s the secret blog…with all kinds of infos on this release, and on the upcoming ones!

Also, for up-to-date info, the #secretalbum tag is used on twitter.

And finally, there’s the #secretalbum bandcamp page!

On Pricing

The #secretalbum releases will not be free…but won’t cost a lot, either. Verschluckbare Kleinteile costs the first three digits of the Planck Length (that’s €1.62). Watch out for special promotions to get it for free. Or if you believe you should get one for free (like, because you want to do a review), why not contact me – e.g. via twitter?


There’s load of people on that album – all of whom deserve big praise!


Neil Alexander hammer guitar, stage piano (1); Rhys Anslow electric bass guitar (14); Christine Caulfield lead fridge (7); Jeff Duke electric guitar with effects (3); Matt Erion double bass (5); Firenze Audience vocals (13); Luke Cyrus Götze electric guitar (8); Ralf Gruber original trapset (5), trapset (8); Kevin Kissinger theremin (2, 6); Guido Kremer hihat (13), trapset (3); Jan Kühner electric guitar (7); Todd Matthews double bass (1); Wolfi Schlickhorn soprano saxophone (16); Daryl Shawn classical guitar (12); Rainer Straschill drum programming (5, 13, 14, 15), electric guitar (5, 10), fake acoustic guitar (5), grand piano (6, 10), komische Elektronik (3), melodica (13, 14), synthesizer (2, 4, 8, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16), trombone (3, 5, 11, 13), virtual church organ (9); Two Quiet Suns synthesizer (1, 7); Alun Vaughan electric bass guitar (7).

Visual Art:

Anna Bejenke series lead design, cover design, photography; Jens Krauße cover image.

Project and Technology Back Office:

Benedikt Eppelsheim fixed the old melodica; Simeon Harris mastering consultant; Lauren Redhead organ technology consultant; Dr. Bruno Sommhammer organ technology consultant.

and of course composed, produced and sonically treated by Rainer Straschill.

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