Release Notification: #secretalbum – “Rückwärtsfließpreßverfahren”


Celebrating this day of Corpus Christi, it is my pleasure to release the second album (or rather, mini-EP) in the #secretalbum series: Rückwärtsfließpreßverfahren.

About This Release

This album, or rather the eponymous suite, was composed and recorded as part of a two-day-workshop at the sadly discontinued t-u-b-e Center for Radiophonic Art in München. In that workshop, which incidentially was about improvisation (not composition – the thing #secretalbum is about).

We formed small groups and were asked to sketch out compositions for a series of small tracks which would then inspire the performance of the ensemble.

I sketched something out, and the trio of Friedrich Buhl (electric guitar), Michael A. Kurz (cello) and myself (trombone, vocal noises, electronics) performed it, and I was wise enough to let a small recorder run while we did so.

Now Rückwärtsfließpreßverfahren wouldn’t be a #secretalbum if it hadn’t a Promenade track. For that, I secured the support of Midnight Llama. They got a graphic notation which, essentially, showed exactly the score of the original Promenade from Verschluckbare Kleinteile, and then they started…

In comparison to the last release, we have more of a contemporary-classical chamber music feel here – what you think of that is up to you. Enjoy!


On Pricing

This is a short one – a little more than five minutes in total playing time. For that reason, it’s pay what you want including free.


Anna Magdalena Bejenke series visual lead design; Friedrich Buhl electric guitar; Christine Caulfield “Promenade” production; Mike Hillier mastering; Michael A. Kurz cello; L.P. Ponor visual art; Midnight Llama: Karen Kirkup percussion, Amy Preece violin, Doroty Taylor voice; Rainer Straschill trombone, vocal noises, electronics.

Additional Info

As usual, the #secretalbum blog is a great source for any kind of detail information!

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