That was 2013

Looking back at the year (and this time, I’m not a few days early, and I’m also not on a train, as I was last year), I again look back onto an interesting year, albeit more relaxed in comparison to 2012, with at least some musical output and otherwise nice things to look back onto. And what’s more, things to look forward to.


It actually makes sense to look at the similar article from last year, as this puts some things into perspective nicely.

Hätzfeld Helau!
Hätzfeld Helau!

2012 was the year where I had moved to Würzburg, and where I had also done the first of the #secretalbum releases. That made 2013 my second year in Würzburg. I still haven’t fully arrived in Würzburg, and this has only to a lesser degree to do with Würzburg. The main reason would be that my roots are still my roots, and with a train ride about two hours in length, visits to München became more frequent, not more sparse, as it usually happens when you move to a new place. In part this was due to the Pinakothek der Moderne, the Oper für Alle, the Englischer Garten, the…there’s so many reasons, most of them people, though. And of course the excellent Vietnamese food at Koriander.

In Würzburg, I experienced Hätzfeld Helau (again), and experienced the Main flood (the first flood of my life…stunning).

I also went onto a very enjoyable vacation, again to Gran Canaria, where I finally completed my battle with Gravity’s Rainbow.

Music-wise, I continued my work on #secretalbum, and the relevant release in 2013 (actually, my only 2013 release), was Rückwärtsfließpreßverfahren – actually, most of it (safe for the Promenade) from a 2009 recording at the now defunct t-u-b-e. So while you’re reading this, why don’t you help yourself to a copy (it gets as cheap as free…)

Flood around the Main
Flood around the Main

I continued to work on different #secretalbum stuff, but not as far as a release. There’s quite a number of Baßtelstube tunes, bringing the count up to five (rough versions of which you can find on audioboo). I will start working on that (or rather, have others work on it) in 2014. There’s also a myriad of other #secretalbum releases in my mind, but I believe the one deserving my attention the most is AENEIS.

Round the end of the year, I also got the idea for an abstract ambient suite called Erlanger Programm, which I’ll do (either alone or with occasional guests) during 2014 as well. The musical structure (Stockhausen would call this the “super formula”) has already been established, now it’s only writing it out – and using all those synths (including those mentioned above) to put it into waveforms.

Finally, I got down to work on the Eclectic Blah legacy. Of all the thing musical mentioned, this is the one with an actual schedule behind it – release in Q1/2014!

I also got new stuff:

Beelzebub Evolution! the new computer
Beelzebub Evolution! the new computer

The biggest change was a new computer, which essentially I got because I suspected a fault with the old one’s mainboard, which wasn’t there after all. Still, the old one had some issues, and this migration also helped me to take some steps that now begin to make sense (like migrating from Windows XP to 7). Others, like setting up a proper NAS with high-bandwidth networking infrastructure, have to wait – maybe until I move again.

Around christmas, I finally got a smartphone. This was my parent’s christmas gift for me – for christmas 2012 :).

Synth-wise, I had some time ago discovered my love for synthesis approaches which are “not subtractive”. For an additive synth (we’re talking hardware here, of course!), I got the K5000R. Which is well-known to be the additive hardware synth monster out there, but it’s also a kinda heresy synth, because it’s got powerful filters as well. Next up was a Casio VZ-10m, and with the already-much-loved Yamaha FS1R, this makes a powerful trio against that big front of subtractive synths in the world.

K5000R and YZ-10m - next to MC505, Nord Modular G2, K2600XS and Sirius
K5000R and YZ-10m – next to MC505, Nord Modular G2, K2600XS and Sirius

Day-job-wise, you may remember that I did start a new job in November 2012, so this was my first full year on the new job. New industry area, new kind of company, odd things, but what really did the trick for me was nice and capable people on the team – and watching someone turning from a mechanical engineer into a lead engineer willing and able to “talk business” and oppose management if and when required…nice.


So what are the plans and resolutions for 2014?

First of all, there will be the Eclectic Blah album. Release is scheduled for within Q1/2014 – and that will realistically be March, although end of January might also be doable. And I’m really happy to get this finally done.

There will by all probability be (at least) one #secretalbum release, but I don’t know which one.

Goal: get closer to this excellent food!
Goal: get closer to this excellent food!

There will be Erlanger Programm. When and what exactly? I don’t know. This may even move into 2015, and may even change name and musical concept. One thing’s for sure: it will be synth-heavy!

I will move closer to München. The roadmap has me making a decision (on the basis on a job offer) by end of Q2/2014. Which would mean a move NLT end of Q3/2014.

I might do odd improvised stuff again, in parallel to the composed work of #secretalbum. Or I might not.

I will take a nice vacation.

I will get another synthesizer, maybe after the move. Hot candidate is the DSI Prophet 12. What a monster!

I will implement a NAS and proper network infrastructure. Most realistically after the move.

I will still be keen on enjoying life.


2013 was a pretty nifty year! Most of that in part to you readers/collaborators/friends, so if you’re reading this – you know who you are, and a big thank you!

Let’s make that 2014 an even niftier year for all of us. All the best of luck to you (and to me, obviously ;),



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