Eclectic Blah – Album Work Update

Work on the album is progressing nicely – I am happy with the track list I thought up so far, the songs work together well, and of the ten tracks for the album, eight are in a mix/edit stage “status 3” (which in my ERP-music-making-kinda way means “ready for finishing touches”, i.e. only small mix adjustments), and two more are in a “status 2” (meaning “basic mix established, further editing may be required”).

Two of the tracks feel still a tad too long – it’s funny that after some creative editing, even tracks that were freely improvised live with a six-piece combo can be turned from a five-minute track into something like 3:50. With the intended edits, the album would then clock in at around 53 minutes, which seems a good time for an album to me.

Speaking of nicely edited tracks – one example (which, before the last touchup happened, was also posted): Spheres, from the “The Ebersberg Enigma” concert, has a beautiful interplay of Franz on trapset and Ralf, who for that occasion has limited “percussion” to a small drum and a shaker. Listen to the mid-section, where a delay on Ralf’s drum makes that beautiful interplay between Franz and Ralf all the more enticing. Fun things can happen without rehearsal or actual songs…

The LOP has not really shrunk that much, mainly because some points have been added…but right now it’s down to 59, or if we count only the “non-optional” items, it’s 23, which is acceptable considering that I want to have (most of) those items closed by Epiphany, making sure that all tracks have a “status 3” (an easy task) and most are already “status 4” (which is the point where the mixing engineer signs off, and has the mix checked by the mastering engineer (who, in this case, is the same guy) for possible iterations).

All in all, we’re still green for the Q1/2014 release date.


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