Eclectic Blah: Album Status Update

Progress has been made on the Eclectic Blah album, as is often pointed out by tweets and blogposts recently.

As of yesterday (Thursday January 9th), six tracks are in status 5 (meaning: signoff to mastering) and four more in status 4 (going into preliminary mastering setup) from the mandatory tasks; however with optional tasks, a whopping five still remain in status 3 (mix&edit structure established, all tasks up to status 5 defined).

Looking at some of the remaining tasks (23 open, of 122 in total) in the edit&mix section:

  • I like to make toms in the OHs more audible during drum fills, typically using EQ in the automation. This remains for four tracks and could be refined for a further one. All marked “optional”.
  • Three potential overdubs (in addition to the replaced bass drum in Spheres): the Proteus latin percussion in Dreams of Hesse sounds crappy. The (Proteus) synth drum hit in the intro for The Procupine is noisy. And if it doesn’t get replaced, I need to move it dead-center. Finally, the comping in the head out for Tiny Bugs has an issue with a too loud D2 massive multitap delay. All are marked optional. The most important (and the most complex) one is the latin percussion thing.
  • There’s nine minor edits (eight of them optional, and one of them possible in the mastering process chain). A few of them have status 4 relevance, meaning I need a decision soon.
  • There’s three sound/level tasks in total (two of them optional). None has status 4 relevance.
  • There’s the question of the title for Tiny Bugs. And speaking of which, also the question of the album title. Both of them are in the production process chain, however.
  • And finally, there’s a minor edit task where I believe I already did it.

All in all, my goal of “all at least status 4 NLT EOCW2” can be met. The fact that I’m sick at home is not nice (and keeps me from going to München this very weekend), but gives me time to work on the tracks some more…everything has a positive side.

Have a beautiful weekend, everyone!



A truly productive afternoon. I posted the status list above at 140110 1349 UTC. Now (same day, 1849, i.e. five hours later) we have all tracks in status 5 mandatory. As for optional, there’s three in status 3 and two more in status 4.

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