Eclectic Blah – another milestone

Today, in an expanded version of the fancy BPMN diagram describing music production, milestone P5.2 was passed.

More specifically, this means that the SoW for the mastering efforts and the mixes have been reviewed and agreed on by the mastering engineer, and said engineer will engage in his first run.

The confcall with Thomas DiMuzio was interesting and enjoyable, and I believe we’re on a good track to get a nice album out of this. What’s more, being out of the active loop engineering-wise really helped me to get back to a more distant (and relaxed) view on the music.

Schedule-wise, I’ll have the first master available on Monday (Feb 10), and will most probably take most of the week for listening through them (although I’m fairly confident I will have sufficient coverage with the studio monitors, the stereo, the car stereo and several headphones here, so that can even be done sooner). As Thomas assured me that an additional iteration will not take that long (and smaller adjustments are even quicker), the master should be completed by mid-cw8, making a release date in cw9 or even cw8 possible – how’s that for schedule performance index?

With the booklet all but finished, it’s now time to start working on “marketing”. There’ll be an early announcement for the musicians, and I’ll also try to get some reviewers aboard (who knows some? who does that?). All in all the big question remains: what is the best day of the week to release and album (on bandcamp)?

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