Eclectic Blah – short news between P7 and P8 milestones

Monday had milestone P7 accomplished – that’s where I compile the first official package, confirm a release date, and everything that needs to be done are minor items.

There were a few minor things in mastering (like a rogue percussion hit from an odd gate behaviour in Cubase still lingering in The Porcupine, that got removed by simply doing a new render of the corrected mix and running that through the mastering chain), as well as a few minor level and fade adaptions.

One day later, however, I discovered something that both Thomas (mastering) and I should have discovered long ago: some clearly audible crackle noise right in the first, quiet bars of the opening Spheres. Why we didn’t discover it wasn’t so important – the question was how to get rid of it.

It turned out that this was caused by digital distortion in the acoustic guitar signal, and the only proper way seemed to be digital surgery. Fortunately, WaveLab offers a function called “Spitzenpegel verwischen” (smear peaks?). Applying that to the affected section, I was luckily able to remove the issue, and Thomas confirmed to be able to provide the corrections until this Friday (my milestone P8 – that’s where I make all the uploads and just wait for publishing date).

Spectral Editing of Erik’s signal

All is well. Sunday is not jeopardized. I’m truly looking forward to this!



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