Eclectic Blah – The Album is here!

After nearly a decade since the last concert of Eclectic Blah, Moinlabs is proud to announce the release of this album!

During its existence from 2001 to 2004, Eclectic Blah was a musical project, meant as a proof of concept to see if the following was possible: to make music which is

  1. radically freely improvised, and
  2. (more or less) danceable.

The album draws from recordings of a total of six different performances in the München area. Next to core members Ralf Gruber and Rainer Straschill, it includes performances by Luke Cyrus GötzeChristian KlosJan KühnerErik MüllerWolfi SchlickJack TraherneFranz WechtenbruchJörg Weger and Thomas Würdinger.

On a total of ten tracks with varying lineups, ranging from guitarist plus remixer up to a six-piece including tenor sax and percussion, Eclectic Blah touches on various musical bases, from progressive rock to lounge jazz and from blues to jungle, and includes the distinctive vibes of the decades from the late 60s up to this millenium.

Made available as a digital download via bandcamp (on a pay-what-you-want basis), the album caters to an audiophile crowd as well: lossless downloads (e.g. FLAC) are provided in full 24-bit glory, with the mastering provided by Thomas DiMuzio, head of gench studio. Download includes a nifty 18-page booklet with exclusive imagery from Eclectic Blah’s history.

Detail info on the project is available on the website, on this blog or via twitter, using the #eclecticblah tag.

The album is pay-what-you-want including free until (and including) March 8th, so you better get it right away!


Watch out for in-depth discussion of this album on this blog during the following days.

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