“Oscillator Theory” – new album in the works

I’m working on a new album. It’s called “Oscillator Theory”, and it’s electronic stuff. More specifically, it contains three tracks from genres of ambient, glitchcore and techno respectively, is EP-sized with just below 30 minutes of playing time, and is all-electronic in its sounds. (Yes, some ultra-orthodox electronic folks might argue that I would not be allowed to use samples of acoustic stuff, but hey, I will do that. After I’m done with them, nobody will be able to recognize the source, anyway).
Oscillator Theory Front Cover

More details? I’m using a “superformel” approach (à la Karlheinz), that is all of the musical brain for this album is contained in about one line of musical score. I also plan to make use of my nice and small collection of hardware synthesizers a lot – although there’s also software synths that I’ve grown to truly enjoy (Steinberg’s Padshop being a great example). I’ll also use the Lexicon Vortex, most probably. And I’ll need to bring out my digital console to record this stuff, because I’ll need a lot of inputs.

As a first-time-ever, this thing will be released on the Möbiusspin online label. Why? The label’s head, Martin Kristopher a.k.a 3dtorus actually got me into doing this album. When, you may ask? If we’re lucky, mid-December. If not, mid-January (next year, obviously).

Status and next steps? Composition, arrangement and basic tracking is already done. The next major step will be sound design. And maybe detail changes. And mix. And then the master.



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