First Shot with the Sony QX1

When I moved here – in January 2012, or about three and a half years ago – I looked from my balcony, saw an old tower of the town fortification of Hätzfeld, and wanted to take a photograph. I never did do that – I assumed I needed a bigger lens for that, something in the 300mm-equivalent range.

Today, I got a Sony QX1, together with the SELP1650 kit lens and the SEL55210 telezoom one.


More details to follow, this is just a first shot with the new gear.

Some data for the foto nerds:

  • Gear: Sony QX1 and SEL55210 lens.
  • Settings: 210mm (i.e. 310mm equivalent), ISO100, f=6.3 and a -1 underexposure resulted in 1/160 shutter.
  • This is the 513kB mini version the QX1 feeds to your phone, not the 20-odd mpix hi-quality JPEG or RAW.

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