Erlanger Programm: Part D gets completed.

Last Tuesday (August 4th), at the end of what had been some very productive days, Part D got completed on DMU level.

But before I dive into any more babbling, let’s hear the audio!


After the main harmonic progression (Dm Em7 Dm F6 Dm Am7 F6 Em7 Dm Am) gets stated by a synth pad at the end of part d, this part sets off with electronic drums, bass (still need to decide if this will be a bass guitar or a synth) and a melodica stating the main theme – which you’ve seen before:

The main theme for part D (for melodica)
The main theme for part D (for melodica)

This theme, of an A-A’ structure, gets repeated, before we hear a first development of it (one might call it “solo”) presented by the melodica, followed by some tricky kinda-drum solo, after which it’s time for a shift to a higher tempo.

I’ve already discussed this previously, like if there would be octuple time – for now, it suffices to say that, while remaining in a 70bpm (“adagio”) eight-beat, the snare accents are now on every 2 and 4, instead of only the 4s as it was before – a shift from 70bpm halftime to normal if you will.

It’s an organ this time which states the theme again in a harmonized fashion, and again two times. As if that weren’t enough clichée sounds already, add to that the famously overused M1 piano stating the harmonies on the offbeats.

It’s then a more quiet interlude, with a diatonically ascending harmonic progression (Dm – Em – F – G – Am – A) where we now have two pianos – the M1 one (stating chords through a multitap delay) together with a Yamaha SE90 stage piano model, and let’s not forget the bright snare hits sent through a huge gated reverb for more overused sounds. A rhythmically shifted ascending motif, reflecting the chord progression, gets repeated here, and at the end of the repetition, there’s some commotion in the drums, going through a ternary feel (so that we’re effectively at 105bpm), before…

Now, here’s the fast section. We’re in quadruple time. It’s melodica again, plus drums and bass playing in a jungle/DnB-oriented groove, and we have another simple, percussive theme, stated by one of my favourite free finds of late – the Martinic Combo Model F (also available as a x64 VSTi). The melodica then goes on to state an inverted version of the first theme against the organ, before we have a fast-paced melodica solo.

Rounding up the fast section, it’s the melodica stating broken chords in a ternary groove, against a simple root-based bassline which just had switched from ternary to binary, and add to that the even more compressed M1 piano through a tremolo.

We have now a slowed-down version of the theme stated by the ComboF earlier, this time played on the stage piano, as the drums slowly move from quadruple to original tempo through ternary steps, moving through the kit’s individual instruments. The rephrased original theme appears again, with the ending expanded – and we’re off to either the beginning, or the organ/melodica interplay of part a’

Status Quo

As said, part D was the second to last part to complete DMU signoff. That was on Tuesday. Then, for a few days, nothing did happen. From quite some time ago, when I had started to sketch out some ideas for part B, there hadn’t been any progress whatsoever. But with everything else completed on DMU level, it was now time to focus on that fourth part.

Focussing on Part B
Focussing on Part B

Now you might now the situation when you try to park your car into a small slot, and after you didn’t quite get in first, you find that no further corrections help – you have to drive out again and start anew? This is what happened to me. Yesterday evening, I had the idea to throw everything away (for part B, that is) and start anew, with a completely different approach (keeping the choices of meter, tempo and tonality in place, however). There’ll be breakkbeats. There’ll be synths. In fact, everything that is not sliced acoustic drums will be very decidedly synthy.

I already spent some time preparing drum recordings (it just so happens that I only have two multitracked drum recordings under studio conditions, plus some live material I might be able to use), as well as drafting out structure and changes. I hope to signoff on DMU tomorrow. Wish me luck – in that case, I’d still be somewhat in the realistic zone for a 9/15 release.

Status as of 150808
Status as of 150808

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