Erlanger Programm: Full-blown Digital Mockup

Yesterday (August 9th), the digital mockup has been completed, and I was able to render the first digital mockup for the album as a whole. But before any more babbling, let’s just listen to the music.

Nota Bene: this kinda-beta version will only remain available for a short time. Listen to it while it’s still possible.

On the Music

I’ve said so much about the material so far on this blog that it’s really not required to repeat myself – maybe only to add that I’ll provide some info how part B, the last part to get completed, turned out.

The entire album (read: the macroloop) is presented here as one track, with comments showing the start of the individual parts (with those following on each other without a gap).

Track count: 170
Track count: 170

A brief sidenote, the track count for the project has now reached 170 – and I think this will remain roughly in the same ballpark during the rest of work on the material.

Duration may still change slightly – let’s say +/- 30sec.

On Status Quo – and Next Steps

As predicted previously, the “digital mockup” stage has been completed for all parts – but mostly, only that.

Listening through this, there were a lot of minor and major findings – without any claim for completeness, and in unordered fashion:

  • a lot of the transitions in part B need a lot of rework.
  • lots of level details, especially for part B.
  • there’s details with regard to the arrangements: should I wait longer before the trombone starts in part d? what about the vuoto in part D – should that be shorter, or maybe even have some very quiet background noise?

Add to that the fact that some tracking, and all of synth sound design, mixing and editing is still open, and you’ll see that there’s still work to do.

For tracking, there’s at least the electric guitar for part A, the acoustic guitar for part b, the trombone for part d and finally the melodica for parts D and a’.

Sound design is a big one in itself – after all, there’s more than 50 individual instrument parts in this arrangement.

And finally, there’s mixing. And mastering. And cover art.

There’s still a lot to do. Until I complete that, enjoy the music!

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