Erlanger Programm: Progress/Status Quo Updated

It’s been more than a month that I posted the last article relating to progress and status quo in the Erlanger Programm project in general, rather than in some nerdy details. A lot has happened, and work on this album has progressed nicely, at least that’s what I think, and so here’s the official update.

DMU and Tracking – and other things.

The DMU was completed on August 9th, and with that came a first render available to the public. What followed were tackling a lot of issues and findings, and in parallel, tracking began.

As of now, nearly all of the findings relating to the DMU stage have been addressed – what remains are details on the transitions from part B to c, and a really minor topic at the end of a’ (or rather at the transition to a, if you will). Both of them do not hinder progress until we reach the mastering stage – in other words, remaining tracking and sound design tasks can be accomplished in parallel, so everything’s good.

Tracking trombone for part d
Tracking trombone for part d

Tracking saw the recording of most of the non-synth parts: electric guitar (A), acoustic guitar (b), trombone (d). What remains is part of the melodica (D, a’), and the optional tracking of the bass parts for B and D on electric bass guitar.

Although not tracking (technically, more editing, although it feels like tracking musically) was some heavy work with the drum loops in part B: there, we have three drummers playing, namely Filzinho playing Eclectic Blah, Ralf Gruber playing both A tätowierte Katz’ and Eclectic Blah, and finally Guido Kremer playing Verschluckbare Kleinteile. Working with a combo of manual slice’n’dice, heavy EQ and fx work, and creative quantization, this has now fallen into place together with the other voices in what has become really an interesting composition!

The most important part in sound design was getting an overview of the sounds used so far with regard to synthesizers. And this shows that there will be some work coming for patches on them hardware synths. The only part where I’m completely unhappy with the DMU sounds is part b – the other ones could be released “as is”.

Part of the sound list
Part of the sound list

Another funny part was recording some hardware effects for part C which are going to be mixed in a fashion that the peaks appear at -80dBFS, i.e. they will be only barely audible at 16 bit (especially if the conversion is done without proper dither – does anyone know if Bandcamp dithers/converts sample rate?), but that’s what your 24/48 FLAC downloads are for!

Some noise counterpoint is sent through the Eclipse, the 1201 and the Virtualizer - and mixed at -80dBFS peak.
Some noise counterpoint is sent through the Eclipse, the 1201 and the Virtualizer – and mixed at -80dBFS peak.

Speaking of the trombone for part d: there has been a really fancy trade between multi-mic-over-various-rooms vs. lots-of-processors mixing on that – more on the topic when I will muster the time to complete the article about it!

Finally, there was some progress regarding cover art – and there’s a new sketch for the front cover!

The new front cover.
The new front cover.

What’s up next?

With tracking nearing completion, there’s the big block of sound design, and then mixing, some of those tasks overlapping. And finally, there’s mastering. At least I don’t have to care about track gaps here. Let’s not forget the cover art needs to get completed.

Project status as of today
Project status as of today

We’re listing 26 hours until mix signoff alone – i.e. that does include neither mastering nor cover art. Considering the fact that MoinSound Studio will go into hiatus for at least two weeks starting September 22nd, it’s now officially practically impossible to release Erlanger Programm still in Q3/2015.

I am still (and sticking with earlier announcements in this regard) convinced that it will be released still within 2015.

And finally, I might just update the work-in-progress render I have released…


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