MoinSound Studio Shutdown – and Path Forward

It’s been more than two weeks since MoinSound Studio, in its 3.x version, has been shut down – that happened on September 22nd to be precise.

Since then, only the computer has been set up on its old desk and been connected to the monitors (a Dynaudio BM5A pair together with the BM14S), albeit using its internal audio interface.

But apart from that, the layout has been planned, the cable coat hangers been mounted to the wall, a new key stand acquired, plus a big desk (including rack space) has arrived…all in all, a lot has happened, only its not that visible yet, much less productive.

So what will happen?

  • There has been a new 5-tier key stand, together with holders to be able to put two device per tier on it. Together with the already existing 4-tier one, this will now be able to hold all the keyboards plus small and not so small modules: all the DSI Evo, MC505, Access Virus etc. things.
  • The two racks, the small Ikea desk, and the two synths that had been sitting on a board on the wall will move into a bigger table including 33HU of rack space (which will all be used), removing the large racks from the equation completely.
  • There’s a new MOTU MIDI Express to complement the MIDI Express XT I already have. This will make MIDI wiring much simpler (especially with regard to being able to edit patches without rewiring everything).
  • And there will be a small rack line mixer to replace the MX2642A mixer that was sitting in one of the racks up to now. This is what I can then use if I just want to play on a few synths.

Setup of the table will hopefully happen on the following weekend – the minimum goal is to have the table, the audio interface and the controller devices in place, so I can at least start to work on stuff again, as long as I don’t need lots of synths.

And then, there’s the connection of all the rack gear and the synths. A first estimate counts 310 cables.

All in all, it won’t be before end of October until that thing goes back into full swing. But once it does, there’ll be improvement, if at first sight only with regard to ergonomics and workflow.

And by the way, there’s also a new day job to take care of…

And with that, I leave you with a pic of the new key stand (not wired, and not with the intended keyboard combo).




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