Erlanger Programm – Lack of Progress by Unsatisfactory DAW

Yesterday, Cubase told me this:


What had I done?

In the project for Erlanger Programm, I had tried to open the folder for the b part.

(For those of you not familiar with Cubase: you can arrange tracks in your project view in folders, which you can then open and close, thus allowing you to make your screen a little more tidy, especially if the track count exceeds 200 or so).

And before that, nothing big – except for working on sound design tasks for close to two hours.

I said something on twitter:


To which Steinberg offered a reply quickly:



Mhmm, let’s see – might I want this?

Guess not.

Honestly, I’m rather pissed.

Somehow, I was able to work around the issue so far. However, this is a new item in a line of events in using Cubase with a somewhat bigger project – with which it can’t cope.

To contextualize Steinberg’s claim “Cubase helps artists, producers and engineers around the globe to create projects a whole lot easier.“…

That is true…as long as your music is tiny pop songs or similar.

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