Erlanger Programm: An Issue Resolved?

Sometimes, you have to take a step back to be able to move forward.

Following the most unsatisfactory issues with my DAW, Cubase, I lost roughly one week and a day in making progress on Erlanger Programm. More specifically, I lost the time from Tuesday last week beginning of the evening to today, later part of the evening. During that period, I couldn’t accomplish anything whatsoever regarding the main Cubase project where all tracking, editing and mixing happens.

It’s not as bad as it sounds, as this didn’t keep me from working on other stuff: I made considerable progress in refining the master setup, and have arrived at a truly convincing (to me, that is) concept for the cover art.

It is as bad as it sounds, though, if you consider that I was aiming for a release date in Q3/2016, which is bound to end in two weeks and a day hence. That, in combination with the fact that I have to complete sound design and mixing, could turn into a problem.

Putting Things Into Perspective

There’s only a small portion of sound design remaining – mainly the pad and optionally the arp and lead sounds for part B.

Then there’s mixing: I have to work some issues in part D in the LMF range (again: bass drum and bass guitar), and a lot of tiny details – like reverb. Or EQ.

As said, cover art looks good, and interestingly, the mastering job may be completed even before mixing can sign off.

That Dark Horse

Everything I’m contemplating right now is based on the assumption that I have solved the Cubase issue for good. Which is not the right description of what I did – I rather arrived at a workaround that seems to work out – yet.

So,  with that in mind:

Last Saturday, I asked you to give me another week to see where we land. And I think that still makes sense: if the weekend sees me signing off on sound design, and making progress mixing all the while, then that April 1st is still realistic. Otherwise: you best expect something within April (rather towards the end).

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