Erlanger Programm: Things about tasks

A week ago, I asked you to give me another week, and then I’d be able to tell you more about the release target for Erlanger Programm.

The Big News

Erlanger Programm will be released on Thursday, April 1st, 1800 UTC. That’s 20:00 for you Western European folks, thanks to that dreaded daylight savings time.


First of all, Cubase did not act anymore – at least for now.

There has been substantial progress in the mixing and mastering departments, and although I haven’t arrived in sound design where I wanted to have arrived by today, I’m still confident.

Mainly, that’s due to the fact that everything that needs to be done in that department is considered “optional”, namely the second arp synth and the two pad synths in part B.

Part B was the center of attention for this weekend. I started with the first arp synth – a rather boring affair, that runs through the entire part with the same note (moving down one octave during its course). For that, I had a look at the Retrologue implementation and built something similar on the Microbrute.

Going for the real thing…

To make matters more interesting, I recorded two takes of it, the first one completely static, the second one with some knob-twiddling. The first one is used, in an act of crazyness, as the M channel, while the second one (brought down by ca. 20dB) serves as a S channel. Does this work?

There’s also been a new lead for part B, using the Pulse 2, for a less lively, but more punchy sound in that role.

And of course, some details have been taken care of, The most important one was maybe to finally apply some compression to the bass drum in part D, which made everything sit together much better on various playback systems – but using the “everything affects everything logic”, making me turn down the melodica. I didn’t expect that.

And onward…

Now, there’s two more weeks, and then Easter Monday, and a few days. I’d like to have the whole package in release candidate status in the days from Good Friday to Easter Sunday – which means that failing that (for whatever reason), I’d be inclined to shift the release date. Let’s hope for the best!




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