Erlanger Programm – The Album Is Here!

It’s taken almost a year, but now it’s here:

Inspired of course by Felix Klein’s major text from 144 years ago, the album Erlanger Programm moves through nearly 45 minutes of music composed attacca (i.e. without any pause in between), a set of basic themes, progressions and structures weaving into each other, on the way moving through many different stylistic areas.

The album is a rollercoaster ride through symmetry in cross- and auto-referentialisms, translation invariances (or lack thereof), and leitmotifs lacking extramusical narratives – along the way racing through a vast bandwidth of tempi, volume levels and stylistic misfits.

There’s mostly synthesizers (again), but also electric and acoustic instruments (the melodica makes a return as a virtuoso instrument in D), and all in all great variety.
As a special schtick, the work nods its head to its namesake, by using loops, as all of the upper-case-named parts, as well as the album as a whole, can work both in their immediate context, but also as endless, strange loops.

This trickery and variety comes at a price, however: due to the wide stilistic spectrum, the often rather angular musical language, and let’s not forget the Wagnerian dynamic range, this album is best enjoyed by someone with love for breakbeats, minimal, dub, bebop, progressive rock, synthpop, abstact noise, acoustic pop, and enjoyed in a very quiet and attentive listening environment.

In Summary

The target audience for this album can reasonably be assumed to be an empty set {}. Feel free to challenge and disprove that statement.

How to get it – and info about it?

Head over to bandcamp via the player above or this link to get it. Note that you really should download it (can’t say this often enough: dynamic range!)

As for background info, there’s the moinlabs page, as well as lots of info in micro- and macroblogging format via the #erlangerprogramm tag.

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