What’s Up Next? – What Would You Like?

It’s been more than a month since I released my last album, Erlanger Programm. Time to consider what I should do next musically. Consider this article more than a kind of thinking aloud and taking notes along the way – it doesn’t seem it’s of that much interest, anyway.

There’s two categories in this: New stuff. And working on something that was recorded more or less a long time ago, and sometimes also released a long time ago. Let’s start with the latter.

The Archives

An Ambient Manifold

My MoinSound Studio Sessions project has already seen a lot of releases. There’s the eponymous album, there’s the Akustik Kies double album of piano pieces, and there’s Surreal Spaces. Add to that two limited edition releases (ADVENTVS and Es ist ein Ros’ entsprungen), and that makes six already.

However, considering this series was running bi-weekly (sometimes more often than that) for more than two years, it stands to reason that there are still a lot of recordings.

The An Ambient Manifold series holds a special place here:

For a whole week, I would take the full-blown MoinSound Studio setup for a spin daily. Sometimes twice a day. There’s a great variety in those recordings, and doing an album with material from this week of intense performances has been on my mind for some time.


With 2007’s kybermusik: Quelques Papiers D’Abord, I had started to make my releases available online.

Ever since, I have slowly made my way backwards to the preceding releases, with the goal to have at least everything from my improvisational period available online.

This still leaves SAUBER! from 2001 and groxis tafelbilder from 2000 on the backlist. And if I complete rereleasing them, there’s only three more leaving which were originally released on CD – it all began with JANUS.


JANUS will have its 20th anniversary next year, so it would be cool to complete the rereleases before that. But then again, I don’t feel ready yet for a JANUS rerelease, so that will not only have to wait until next year, but maybe until the 25th anniversary?

For the aforementioned SAUBER and groxi albums, the audio quality is an issue. Everything was recorded extremely hot to the twotrack, and often with very poor audio engineering choices. Plus, the original prints of some of the album covers are unaccounted for.

This will be a medium-important, medium-interesting, but in the end boring thing to do.

New Stuff


It’s a good idea to remember that this project originally (we’re talking 2011 here) was intended as a single full-length album release of composed, short (up to 90 seconds) tracks.

What can be best summarized as “scheduling conflicts” led to the current implementation of individual EPs. So far, two of them have been released, but there’s ideas for more, some of them coming from (and some of the compositions completed in) 2011.

There’s Größenordnungen, a Promenade plus five melodica/touch guitar duets. All of it was written in 2011/12, but since the disappearance of the Warr Guitar player for this, things have come to a halt. Three tracks are recorded in full, as is the Promenade, and there’s the melodica recording for one more piece (one is a touch guitar solo).


It would make sense to complete this – finding a performer for this, I could release this really soon.

Another thing is Baßtelstube, a collection of bass guitar solo and chamber ensemble pieces. As of today, ten have been written, with ideas for a few more in my head. Add to that a Promenade (still to be written), and this could also work rather swiftly – if I found the musicians to play it.

The biggest one in this context is AENEIS – a miniature concept album based on Vergil’s text of the same name. For this one, it looks even more grim. There’s a Promenade already recorded, plus half of the first third – essentially making that one sixth, and one third composed. The remainder has neither been composed nor recorded, but I have musicians in my mind, at least in part. This will be a big one.


Finally, there’s the idea of Verschluckbare Kleinteile II, a short EP to close off this project, some kind of collection of the ideas that didn’t make it onto one of the preceding releases. Whether this will happen is, however, questionable.

The All-Analogue Synth Album

I thought about this aloud some time ago: an all-analogue synthesizer album. Analogue synths, analogue effects, analogue console, and analogue recording media. This would be a cassette album.

I have no ideas for this musically right now, and I also don’t see the business case happening for me – but then again, it never seems to happen for me anyway.

I have, however, already decided what the setup would look like for this. Still, no music.

And finally, my Matrix-1000 failing did put a stop to my plans on this for now. I’ll have a look if I can repair it cheaply. If not, that project most probably will not happen. If yes, then maybe no, as well.


Nerdville is my name for all my noise stuff, established around 2009 or so.

Noise. I did some of that. However, I never did a full album of it. I often didn’t even do full tracks of it. But it would be nice to do a full album of such stuff, wouldn’t it? For starters, one early example of me doing this can be found below – Confidence.

Will that happen? I don’t know. At least I already discovered how to compose noise counterpoint when working on Erlanger Programm.



A completely stupid idea.

Take samples of Beethoven music. And build something new from it. Something ambient. Downtempo. The project title is Ambienthoven.

Despite only having had that idea yesterday, I like it the most from all the ideas discussed here. Maybe because it’s something so completely different for me.

Summing it up

I’m somewhat hesitant at this point to make any announcements which sound like a promise (not that anyone might care, however).

As an example, An Ambient Manifold had been on the list of targets for quite some time – like, since the end of 2010, and look where we are today. Thoughts for reworking old albums have been around even longer, and let’s not forget that #secretalbum stuff should originally all have been completed in 2011 (ok, that was wildly unrealistic).

If I had to pick what I’m most interested in right now from the list above, it would most probably be Ambienthoven. Thing is, this may very well lead nowhere – and the same is true for the All-Analogue Synth Album thing. There’s those safe, but only mildly interesting bets – like An Ambient Manifold. There’s the boring things, like remastering old stuff. And finally there’s the hugely complex things, such as writing and recording AENEIS. The rest is somewhere in between.

Let’s see where that leads me. I hope to do another release in 2016 (but remember: that’s not a promise!)

So, if you’ve read that far – what would you want me to do?


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