R&D: Acid de uma nota so

I picked a single note – a G. And a step-sequencer approach thinking in 16th notes. And added synthesizers. This is the result:

Following my strategy to use the DAW’s onboard tools when working on a sketch, the synths are virtual ones: the main synth is Retrologue, and the two synths doubling that (rushing and lagging related to the main one, and being panned hard left and right) are too: a supersaw-style patch without any frills (except for a small delay in the plugin).

Other plugins were added: QuadFrohmage, Hadron, Hematohm (yes, I like those OhmBoyz things!) and Cubase’s onboard Ring Modulator. Plus, the old Roomworks with a very artificial, huge chamber.

There’s other synths (HALion in this case): a simple pad synth highpassed in the 10k-plus region (so you may not even hear it), and two instances of a patch I did using samples of the Minibrute’s sine wave from the sub oscillator (which is not really a sine wave, you know).

Not really a sine: the Minibrute’s sub oscillator in sine wave mode

As said: mainly R&D, but this may very well be the basis for a track for my analogue signal chain thingie.

Have fun!

Pulse Screenshot

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