“Wenig” – State One of the All-Analogue Prototype Completed

Today’s video completes the first stage of my All-Analogue Synth Setup thingie

The setup was mostly unchanged from the last round – the aux chains had been separated into one with three delays (fed by the Volca Kick) and one with one delay (fed by the Minibrute/A100 combo).

At a tempo of 105bpm, it’s a repeating pattern on the Kick (making use of an inverted, i.e. upward, pitch bend) playing a synth tom-like sound, and noodling on the Minibrute.

The Results

From what I did today and on Wenig 1 and Wenig 2, I can deduct the following results:

  1. Generally, it works. Meaning recording with and all-analogue signal chain (although I haven’t tested using the tape deck at the end).
  2. Somewhere, there’s a small (ca. 1dB) loss in one channel of the stereo signal. It seems to be somewhere between the Dominator’s limiter section and the interface (including the latter). Need to locate that.
  3. That Behringer delay pedal is great bang for the buck! Maybe I need to get more of those.
  4. My new TC Electronic Dark Matter distortion is very fine on bass-heavy instruments (including the Korg Volca Kick), not so much on synth leads. However, the old Boss OD2 (which sucks on bass instruments) is good for just that.
  5. It’s fun! And tricky.

Next Steps

A next round will see me tackling some of the following:

  1. Tape deck as recording medium.
  2. Synths driven by a sequencer (including parameter automation).
  3. Defining, implementing, and prototyping a concept for scoring synth parameter and mix changes.

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