RPM Challenge 2018: I’m still gonna do this

My server is down. I’m way delayed on my rereleases on the outsourced mastering jobs. I don’t really progress on More Than Moore. That’s why it’s a good idea to take on yet another project.

Like the RPM Challenge.

It’s about producing a record in a month, more specifically, the month of February. The record is defined as ten tracks or 35 minutes of music. Everything needs to be recorded, mixed, premastered and mastered in February, but not before February. It’s been around for what feels like forever, though I don’t even know what the name stands for (record production month?)

And let’s be honest: this isn’t a challenge. I think most of the people who work the way I used to work (read: MoinSound Studio Sessions era) could produce an album in a day if need be.

So why even bother?

The Big Idea

This album (working title: Neue Sachen aus dem Notenbüchlein für coole Instrumente) will be about trying things which I wanted to try, but didn’t find a project to put them in yet. There’ll be some musique concrète stuff. There may be some attempts at proper programming of acoustic drum beats. Or no input stuff. Field recordings. Combined with samplers. Some old hardware effects may be reused. Or new ones.

For the last few days, I tried to make up my mind whether to participate, all the while forcefully keeping myself from getting a head start. Today, I wrote down a few notes, recorded them (MIDI) into the sequencer with a sound in mind, as well as with a general processing approach.


There’s ideas for other tracks, too.

Let’s see what will happen. If I don’t get it done in four weeks, it won’t matter.

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