RPM Challenge: Unordered Thoughts

Not a lot of accountable progress since the last post. In no specific order:

  • The opening track with the slowly moving theme has already been combined into a suite, together with a track that is electric piano solo and a track which is two electric bass guitars. I have completed the tracking for all of them – editing/effects stuff now is the big one.
  • That ending track of the suite (which may very well end the album) is another one where the Kurz’ is used. It (or more specifically, a custom electric piano patch) gets a lot of mileage these days. Deservedly.
  • The “Pendeln” suite will have an estimated playing time of around 20 minutes, maybe more. The third part has the biggest amount of work left.
  • There’s the idea of a track which uses a recording I took from the balcony during gentle snowdrift in the evening. I may combine this with the sounds of a wind chime which I ordered today.
  • I made a sheet not to lose overview.
  • There’ll be something which happens at the fringe of the human hearing potential. It will take input from Beethoven’s works, more specifically those from a time when there wasn’t much hearing potential left for him. In an unrelated sidenote, it will exclusively use instruments from a company that is, in essence, named after a railroad company.
  • There may be techno. And pattern sequencers. Not necessarily in the same track.
  • Also, there may be no input stuff (in a different track, obviously).
  • Some things will go to tape. Maybe even multitrack tape. Still need to unpack the thing, though.
  • Playing time/track count: there’s ideas for twelve tracks, estimated to amount to more than 75 minutes. That’s plenty for RPM Challenge standards with regard to playing time, not with regard to track count to fulfill the either/or condition. And ideas means that writing is all but completed.
  • The things I can have completed in a short time, though, are about two tracks with seven minutes each. Still a long way to go.
  • I want to make a lot of progress next weekend. Meaning something that could be a proper album and does fulfill requirements in a tracking/editing done status.

All in all, I’m not completely unhappy. I should stop thinking and start achieving, though.

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