RPM Challenge: A Milestone! (?)

Note how I didn’t put “progress” into this post’s title? That’s because I made considerable one.

Fast Facts

I created a pre-release-format album on bandcamp and uploaded four tracks in various stages of completion.

And with a total playing time of 39:57, it’s more than enough to fulfill the challenge’s “at least ten tracks or 35 minutes” hard requirement.

Tracks in detail

Three of the four tracks form a suite (of two suites contained in the album’s concept sketches), entitled Pendeln. All of those are ambient/field-record-ish in a sense, and all of them relate to the word “pendeln”.

Pendeln I (für alten Kleinwagen, Würmufer und keine Küste) is me driving by car to a training for members of the electorial board for work council elections (go figure). And my first proper track using the 0-Coast, together with a few A100 modules. The synth track is MIDI in a first go, and then repatching and -adjusting in the second one which recorded the audio.keine Küste

Pendeln II (für öffentlichen Personennahverkehr und einen Haufen Synthesizer) is me taking public transport for the daily commute. And a two-voice homophonic thing played by about nine different polysynths.
Like Pendeln III, this one is labeled “alpha” – which means a lot may (or rather will) change – especially with regard to the instrumentation. There’ll be a lot of cool synths once this is done – not just software ones!

Pendeln III (für Nasenflöte, Bosch blau und Haken an der Decke) is me doing things (mainly with a nose flute and a power drill) while the H2 recorder is swinging around while being suspended from the ceiling. I took samples from the nose flute and power drill, respectively, and generated instruments in Kontakt. And another grain thingie in HALion. Once again: using new tools in effect.


Finally, ! (für elektronische Simulation einer elektrischen Simulation eines akustischen Instruments) is me with a Kurz  EP patch, doing nice things. Further down the road, I may very well print the audio of this one to tape.
This track also forms a suite with two other ones (namely ??? and :), both of which have completed tracking but require a considerable amount of work in post.

What’s Next

First of all, it’s nice to see that if today was the 28th, I would have met the RPM Challenge goal. That means I passed the milestone ten days before the deadline.

Of the fourteen track ideas on the list for this album, I plan to complete at least three additional ones: next to completing the ???-:-! suite, the final shortlist candidate is Giesinger Schnee.

As the name implies, it uses field recordings of München’s Giesing district in snowy weather. I also plan to add wind chimes (sadly, Thomann or rather DHL didn’t manage to deliver them in time for the weekend because…well, I assume because they’re idiots for their benefit), and maybe (but just maybe) a wavetable synth. Or a Polyphon. But I’d prefer a wavetable synth, because that would make the instrumentation “für Winterwetter, Windspiel und Wellentabellen”.

Incidentally, the Giesinger Schnee also provided the image for the current cover art candidate.

Schnee 1
An alternate “Giesinger Schnee” shot

If I’m still in the mood, there’ll be another shorter track, called Gähnende Leere. This is the thing at the fringe of the human hearing potential.

Once I’m done with those (and have arrived at a total playing time of over 60 minutes), it’s off to mastering, cover art, and that’s it.

In that context, I need to consider that I only got another weekend before the closing date. Weekends are important for day-job-driven folks like me, so everything that is not at least alpha stage by early Saturday next week will get axed.

And What’s With The Title?

Wayback when, when I was still working with the AG für Neue Musik am OvMG, I wrote something entitled Drei Phantasien aus dem Notenbüchlein für coole Instrumente.

There never was a manuscript book that contained more than those three fantasies. However, I decided that the title made sense for this project’s goals, namely to work with instruments I’m not that used to. And it also works well in so far as (if I’m not mistaken about the actual date), the premiere’s 25th anniversary is just around the corner.

Notenbüchlein 180218
The proverbial Notenbüchlein is getting filled

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