RPM Challenge: Shippable Product?


So it’s something like a shippable product (in agile methodology lingo) since about one hour ago.

Which means that if right now was right before the end of the 28th, I’d be at least ok with what I did.

Last Steps…


The plan was to have at least a proper release candidate by the end of this weekend (which is the last weekend before the 28th).

Last Thursday night, I sat down and looked at remaining efforts, costed them and assigned priorities to them. And ended up with around 23 hours of work left.

As I didn’t want to cram more than 16 hours of work into the time from Friday to Sunday, I needed to make some choices. For that reason, I also created a set of potential track lists to see which one is realistic.

From a minimal track list which did only contain tracks that did already have an alpha version to one which contained all of the ideas discussed for this project, I quickly settled on either the minimal or the next longer one.

The key track was Giesinger Schnee, for which I still had to record the wind chimes.


I set up a combo of a SASS and a NT-1A, then dug out the small stage box to wire them to the computer in the Spielzimmer. And discovered that I had placed the stagebox in such a clever way that I had to move the couch a little. Great.



The wind chimes are a rather quiet instrument, which meant I had to turn of the drink cooler and the clock on the wall. And turn up the micpre fully at least for the SASS which a) is relatively low-output and b) did record from a distance away. Hence, it was the GoldMike (with a maximum gain of 72dB) and the QuadMic for the NT-1A.


I had already create sample instruments in Kontakt from the church bells audible in the recordings of the winter landscape, and so, with the combo of the ambient recordings (three of them), the wind chimes and the church bell samples, I was able to whip something up.

The instrumentation already had Winterwetter (winter weather) and Windspiel (wind chimes), so I added a bass timpani-like patch and another one of the sparkling type from the Wavestation (to include Wellentabellen (wavetables) as well).

Next up was recording effects for ??? (and that means hardware effects). There were issues with the wiring for the Eclipse – the digital output didn’t work properly, as did the analogue intputs. Wiring problems. In a total of two runs, I then recorded effects treatments of the electric piano on the Eclipse, FireworX, D2, Virtualizer, VF1 and Vortex.

And then I got tired.


The plan had me completing the mix for ??? already on Friday, but that didn’t happen.

On Saturday, I first made a choice of synths for Pendeln II (which I wanted to be hardware synths exclusively).

The Virus started to act up. It had lost all patches, after a powerdown/up it didn’t. (Powerup that is). Ten minutes later, it did.

Having nine (stereo) synths also means that I had to use all of the inputs of my audio interface – and work around the cables still in the way from More than Moore.


Browsing some patches, editing as I went, and I quickly had what I wanted to have. Lots of Synths = Lots of Fun!

Using Cubase’s External Plugin feature, replacing the VSTis from the DMU with the HW synths worked quite well, so I was done with a mix pretty quickly.

Next up was the mix for ???. Normally, I do mix automation by drawing the data into the tracks. Very precise and controlled, but also very cumbersome. I didn’t have that kind of time.

So I set all FX tracks to “write fader automation”, did a run and moved faders and pan controls. And moved FX send settings on-screen with mouse and CC121.

Editing manually at two positions, this was done as well.

And with that, I uploaded to bandcamp and had everything in beta. I decided to upgrade the existing Pendeln III version to “beta” par ordre de mufti, because really that’s what it is.

…Next Steps


Two things are mandatory, one is optional.

First, do a proper master. Which also means to do new prints of the tracks (to 32bit float) without any twobus treatment, and then do the master in WaveLab. That will take most of the available time tomorrow.

Then I’ll upload the tracks (which at this point will be RC status, and while doing that, may or may not do the optional task: do a booklet.

Monday to Wednesday

Listen to the stuff. Maybe change details in the master. Or do the booklet that I may not have done on Sunday.

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