“Spielsachen” – Playing the Semi-Modular Playground

A few new pieces of gear arrived. Modules, and a Korg SQ-1 sequencer. So I patched a few things, and recorded a few videos.

All of them are analogue signal chain right before I hit the computer.

“Fourth Patch”

That’s the biggest one so far. The complexity of this makes it kinda hard to reverse-engineer it. Four sequencers, eight oscillators, seven filters and tons of other stuff. It’s also the only one with a proper groove in this post.

“Fifth Patch”

A 0-Coast does a drone, three Doepfer Sine VCOs modulate each other. Control comes mostly from a Source of Uncertainty.

“Angry Bastard”

The DFAM’s sequencer runs well into the audio range. If you do that, you get a cross between drone and extracore. You can also control pitch with yet another sequencer. This one is only the DFAM as an audio source and the 0-Coast and SQ-1 as additional CV/gate sources.


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