“The Five Ninjas” – A Work In Progress

I still didn’t complete this track. Which is a version of the Intro to Reyn Ouwehand’s fantastic intro to “The Last Ninja 3” (C64). You can hear the original version here.

Here’s a teaser of what I’m trying to do: a mashup with Paul Desmond’s “Take Five” best-selling jazz single of all time:

So what’s there to know gear-wise? Let’s see:

Drums: Most of it is the analogue engine of the Elektron Analog Rytm, with an additional hihat (controlled by one row of the SQ1) coming from a MFB-522 CY/HH, and its cymbal being triggered by a Mutable Instrument Ears.

And there’s also some other strange synth drums from the DFAM (which gets triggered by the Squarp Hermod, as everything does). They sometimes hit two VD400 delays in ping-pong config.

Bass: Two oscillators from a Doepfer A-143-4, mixed in a Erica Pico CV Mix, then through a Doepfer A-124 Wasp Filter and A-132-4 VCA. Filter and VCA get envelopes from an A-143-2.

Drone: Intellijel Dixie II+ through Intellijel Unity Mixer through A-101-6 six-stage OptoFET filter. The filter gets modulation from a 2hp LFO, while the osc gets PWM from the final A-143-2 oscillator. Also, a A-132-4 channel controlled by

Arp Synth: Doepfer A-110-2 through LPWZ WK2 mixer and A-106-6 XP filter. Filter and A-132-4 VCA get controlled by the remaining envelopes from the A-143-2. There’s also a Dreadbox Reflector (modulated by one of the A-143-4’s oscillators).

Lead Synth (Theme): Behringer Neutron. It also gets some of the 2xVD400 delay from time to time.

Lead Synth (Solo): This is a tricky one. MFB Nanozwerg Pro synth voice, then hitting a Synthrotek 309 distortion, and then the signal gets split into three for a) direct, b) Tiptop Fold and c) A-188-1 4096-stage BBD with 2hp LPF for anti-aliasing and clock removal.

Clavinet: Korg Minilogue (original patch) with some Ibanze BCL chorus added via the mixer.

Short Motifs: One part is a Makenoise 0-Coast through a TC Dark Matter and another VD400. The other channel is a A-110-4 sine FM’d from a Snazzy FX Kitty Eyes, controlled by the Makenoise Ears. There’s also a A-136 wavefolder in the signal path, although I had forgot about it when doing the video.

“Rising Sound Effect”: Two A-110-4 through an A-114 ring modulator, then A-132-4 VCA controlled by 2hp ADSR. And then a wash of A-199 Spring Reverb.

The master sequencer is the Squarp Hermod, which also slaves the Analog Rytm and provides clock to the SQ1 via the 0-Coast.

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