New Spielsachen “Keep it simple with LPGs (and stompboxes)”

The “Spielsachen” setup, which had reached a (pen)ultimate module configuration for the A-100 some time ago, got new wooden boards to make the portability goal feasible. This also added place for additional stompboxes. There’s now four VD400 BBD delays, an added phaser, and I got a new Sansamp Bass Driver.

20181101_210216_Stadelheimer Straße

I put all of them to use in a track with a rather simple setup

There’s only hardware sequencers in this – more specifically, SQ1 and DFAM. All of the stompboxes get a spin (the Sansamp is fed by the 0-Coast, while the DFAM goes through the VD400-Dark Matter chain).

Sound sources in the A-100 are both using LPGs from Synthrotek’s Dual LPG. One is fed by a noise source, with dynamics controlled by a sample/hold built with Makenoise Kinks, the other is a constant pitch oscillator, the LPG triggered by a down-divided trigger sequence coming from the Snazzy FX Kitty Eyes trig output.

And then, I started to play the sequencers, and also the 0-Coast’s engine a little.

Note that I also have prepared a Spielsachen playlist by now:

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