“grummelig” – there may be a New Album!

Some time ago (about a month ago), I said this:

Since then, I continued working on (or, most of the time, thinking about) this…thing. Which is bound to be an album.

Fast Facts

It’s called grummelig. Which is an attributive adjective based on the verb “grummeln”. The adjective doesn’t really exist. Duden has to say this about “grummeln”.

1. ein rollendes, leise polterndes Geräusch verursachen
2. leise und undeutlich [vor sich hin] sprechen: brummeln, murmeln

So it’s either making a rolling, mildly rumbling noise, or to mumble or mutter.

It will be something like ambient. And dub. And bass music.

It will be the first album where I use my A-100.

It will most probably have around six tracks.

I don’t know about release date. Maybe in January? Chances for 2018 are pretty slim…

Tentative Track List

Which includes the intended playing order.


There’s noise from (CC) tape, more specifically Type I, II and IV. I then use EQs to put some kind of pitch on them and play simple harmonies/intervals.

There’ll be a noise theme played with a granular synth based on the tape noise. And a noise solo on the A-100.

Alcubierres Stimme

I recorded something with my electric bass guitars. I’ll completely mangle this with edits and effects and resynthesis.


Maybe something with a piano. Heavily processed (“digitally prepared piano”, anyone?). There’ll be field recordings again. Including “the house at night when nobody’s there”.


Bass drums. In odd timings/phrase lengths/meters. And a kind of evolving pad sound. Effects.


A synth playing a strange passive theme in a very low register, so it moves the tonal centre.

There’ll be some kinda-harmonies through big reverbs through pitch-shifted delays for some kind of microtonal thing. The bassy synth is A-100 again. Most of it.


It starts with a cluster played by many synths. I have a few dozens of them. Plus a computer. So there’ll be a lot of notes. They gradually disappear. Until only a sine remains.

Up Next

Work on tracks, obviously. Some of them have progressed a little, such as Kausalist and to a lesser extent Nichtfarben, where at least the composition and sound design approach have been completed. Others, like the title track, don’t amount to more than what I wrote above – which is not a lot.

All in all: I’ll keep you posted!

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