Albums: What Comes Next…

There was an album release just the other day. But there will be one exactly one month later. Why? Because it’s February!

RPM Challenge 2019

I did it last year (for the first time), I’m gonna do it again this year. Don’t know if I’ll do it again next year. Or anytime.

I didn’t get a head start – but I thought up a project brief, including an album title.

“Würm Bank” – A Project Brief

Primary goal:

My RPM Challenge 2019 Entry shall be low-risk, low-effort.

Macro Seq.jpg

How am I gonna do this?

  1. Every day I feel like it, set up a modular patch, noodle around with it, and record it to two-track on the computer.
  2. Every day I feel like it and after at least one “step 1” has been done, edit tracks and get them ready (optional).
  3. Use a generic mastering setup (optional), assign titles from the big ol’ list (optional).
  4. Do some kind of artwork (optional).
  5. Once I think I had enough or once I reach February 28th, slap it all together and release.

The fact that everything except for step 1 is marked as “optional” and step 1 doesn’t necessarily need to run more than once makes this truly low-risk, low-effort. Just think a month filled with sessions, only without (mandatory) videos and once 30 minutes or ten tracks are complete, I’m done.


I’m happy with that approach.

Maybe I’ll give regular status reports, maybe not. Maybe I’ll upload some sketches to RPM Challenge site, maybe not.

Either way, I’m going to release at least something called Würm Bank no later than the end of February 2019.




You might be wondering about the choice of title. Würm is a river in Bavaria which runs through Gräfelfing, home of Dieter Doepfer’s company. So after we had East- and West-Coast Synthesis, the true grandmaster of modular synth philosophies in the 21st century is just that – Würm Bank.Lid.jpg


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