“Würm Bank”: The RPM Challenge’s First Weekend

I was rather productive these first three days of this year’s RPM Challenge, helped by the fact that two of them fell onto a weekend.

By the noon of February the third, I had create three patches, written material to go with them, and recorded more than 100 minutes of music. In other words, I had enough material by Saturday noon. The low-risk, low-effort approach I had targeted did work.

But what did I really get done?

Patch One

This is the most cheesy one so far. Pad synth (from the Minilogue), drums (from the Analog Rytm), additional hihats (A-100), a sequencer pattern and a lead voice (both A-100 as well) are really all there is. This was a kinda-getting-warmed-up exercise before I created…

Patch Two

An angular, 15-note melody played by eight sequencer parts and nine synth voices. There’s another voice (played by two voices). Very sparse drum sounds. This ended up as my most complex patch so far, and I recorded a total of four takes of it, one of which got a video.

Patch Three

I had thought this up while waiting for…

A sixteen-step melody (to go with the SQ-1’s sixteen steps. Two oscillators, each going through different filters in parallel. First, I thought up a scale.

Then a theme.


Then I did two takes, and was done with it.

Other Activities

No cover art. No edit or master jobs. Not even titles. I’ll leave that for later.

Up Next

A few patch ideas include:

  1. Something using the “Mikrofonie” module.
  2. Something ambient.
  3. Something algorithmic/self-generating.
  4. Something using Disting’s srub playback algorithm on a non-perfect loop of acoustic stuff (e.g. guitars).
  5. Something really disassembled with drums. And maybe other things.

For these things, a partial order exists based on importance and effort. So I’ll most probably start with (1) and make my way from there.

I’ll be losing most of next weekend to other things. And then, to take the risk out (again), I’m aiming to compile a release candidate before February 17th.

Laast year’s RPM Challenge coincided with winter. This year’s does so, too. Hence the featured image, as they call it in wordpressspeak.

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