“Würm Bank”: 17th of 28 Days

Compared to what I did accomplish in the first three days, those last 14 days weren’t that productive. Which isn’t a problem. And they weren’t unproductive, either – there’s three more patches recorded, a fourth (to bring the total to seven) set up, and some photos were taken as well. And I did another video.

Another Video

This one is from Patch Seven (the last one so far), which has a bunch of voices playing one note. Nice thing!

And Two Other Patches

There’s one patch (“Four”) which addressed three of the ideas posted two weeks ago:

Something using Mikrofonie, something ambient, and something self-generating.

For another patch (called “Patch Six”), I used two SQ-1s (again) and had them play the same thing with different…things happening. I love that double SQ-1 combo.

And Photos

I made a trip to the home base of the God of Eurorack, Dieter Doepfer.

Here’s the magic mailbox:


And this is the mailbox’ surroundings:


I might use them for cover art.


I’m planning to do that Patch Five, which was thought up, even set up, and then forgotten about. I might just do that. Or rebuild one of the other patches (rather: try to), and see what happens. I have completely failed in my goal to document the patches in detail.

Of the two remaining goals, I decided to not do the “Disting as a sample player” one. By the way, right during this challenge, Os released a new firmware, which now makes the delay time much longer. “Longer” as in ninety-five minutes. Like having a football match on endless.

Next weekend will be the compilation weekend. That’s where I take the 200-odd minutes (plus what I might be recording during the next five days) and put it into form. Do a master. Design cover art. Upload the stuff. Listen back to it. Make up track titles.


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