Würm Bank: done. Well, almost.


Starting Thursday afternoon, I didn’t feel that well, and am a little set back by a nasty case of tonsilitis. Still, I got something done. Actually, the rest of the album.

“Patch Five”

There was this idea for another track, for which I had composed stuff and even set up a modular patch. Then, I did something else (namely patches six and seven), and had all but decided against using this idea.

Patch Five, or rather the album track Ein Blueswaffenstillstand, is a little different from most of the rest of the album. For one, it’s the only one where I didn’t record something onto twotrack and import that directly into the master montage.

Rather, it was Cubase (as usual). I copied the patterns from Hermod into it, then separately tracked all eight voices of all four parts, all the while doing things to the sound as I went. The same was true for the drum parts (all of which were done with the Elektron Analog Rytm).

How to proceed any further? The choices were like this:

I opted for a). I was simply too lazy/sick for b)/c), but liked the track too much for d).

The Album

Next was to turn the over three hours of material into seven tracks. First, I decided on a track order (and added titles as I went), then, I did edits, trimming some of the patches down and/or making a choice between different takes. The result is just short of one hour:


For the cover art, I threw away most of the thoughts I had in mind (also considering effort). Here’s what the inner pages (containing the tracklist, but without credits and whatnot) are bound to look like:

Nur Titel.JPG

Apropos credits, a gentleman named Wolfgang Zeidler donated his photo of the Würm bank (which you see above) to the public domain. He’ll still get credit. Thanks, Wolfgang!

Other things

I started putting up things onto bandcamp, and onto the RPM Challenge page as well. Which means now even if I die right now, I will have completed the challenge.

If that doesn’t happen, there might still be some changes.

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