“Würm Bank” – it’s here! (album release)

Yup, it’s here:

One day before the deadline, I did complete it. And boy, did I have fun!

The Würm Bank Idea

I did this album because the RPM Challenge was up again. I did it the way I did it because I tend to use the challenge for R&D work, and this time, the research goal was to do an album performed on the Doepfer-centric Spielsachen setup. Doepfer’s company is in a small town named Gauting, through which the Würm river runs.

Incidentially, Würm sounds just like Wyrm. An Eurorack setup can turn into a mythological monster at times.


Within those goals defined, I made use of a lot of freedom. There’s acid-like thingies with one or two pattern sequencers driving mono voices. There’s Doepfer’s rendition of Buchla’s “Source of Uncertainty” principle in action driving most of the available modules and components. There’s all oscillators playing one pitch. There’s expresssionist handling of melodies. And a cheesy synth-pop instrumental as well.


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