“An Ambient Manifold” – there’s a release date!

First things first: the release date for the album with the working title An Ambient Manifold has been set to be January 16th of 2020.


This is the last projected album to remain from the loads of MoinSound Studio Sessions recordings.

It will be an album comprised of recordings from one full week of daily MSSS sessions (sometimes more than one per day), which totaled in a little more than seven hours of recorded material.

I don’t even remember when the title for this performance series got conceived. It’s however safe to say that not everything performed here was strictly ambient in its musical nature, but a lot of it was, although moving through the fringe zones of said genre at times.

I had planned to release this for years – and announced a “next year” target in many a end-of-year report on this blog. But now, finally…

Release Date

As already stated – it’s set to be January 16th of 2020. Why this date? It means that it will be released exactly ten years after the performance series had ended.

Album Title?

For all these years, it was clear that the album would have the most obvious of titles: An Ambient Manifold.

When working on the album, however, I found that the highlights from those recordings could each be placed into one of two distinctive groups – one more noise/lowercase oriented, and one more melodic/dub ambient one.

And in sticking with the “ambient manifold” context, the competing idea is A House with two Rooms.

House with two Rooms, CC-BY-SA 4.0 Saung Tadashi

And that’s really “it” for now – selection of the material has been completed, details on track spacing are worked on in a twotracked way (owing to two different running orders depending on the actual choice for the album title), and a mastering touchup has all but been completed.

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