” A House with two Rooms” – Album Release

It took me ten years to get this done.

Back in 2010, I extended my vacation by one week. The reason: do daily video-streaming concerts, using all of my music gear, connected in a hideously complex fashion.

This experiment ended up in a little more than seven hours of recorded music, which was rather diverse. And it took me ten years to turn it into an album.

Moving to most stylistic areas within the ambient realm, expect a journey through oddly reverberated piano clusters, slice-and-dice loops of trombone playing, slowly (or quickly) progressing synthesizer textures, dub basslines, and even the occasional thing that might count as a groove.

A little more info can be found here.


Shot for Blog
16th of January 2010 at MoinSound Studio 2, happily bathing in tons of well-used music gadgetry.

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